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Talking on Eggshells: Examining a Russian Tradition

Livestream chat

In surveying Russian Easter traditions, the following object and its symbolism are unmistakably present: Eggs!

  • What do eggs have to do with Orthodox religion and Easter?
  • What eggs are in the museum’s collection?
  •  How can type, style, medium, and meaning be defined in this art form?

Join Executive Director Michael Perekrestov and Curator Nick Nicholson for this livestream chat. Interested in hardboiled stories about collecting? Scrambled provenances? This lunch-time conversation will focus on eggs as a gift giving symbol, Pascha traditions, Russian lacquer techniques, and other featured objects from the Lukutin Workshop to Fabergé.


  • Save your seat for 12:30 PM Eastern on May 20.
  • This event will be recorded.


  • Go to our YouTube channel and click the Live video at 12:30 PM Eastern on May 20.
  • If you want to comment during the livestream, make sure you’re signed in to your YouTube account.
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