Mysteries and Odysseys

Mysteries and Odysseys

On view July 16, 2023 – December 31, 2024

Mysteries and Odysseys presents some of the remarkable stories told by the artifacts in the Russian History Museum’s collection. These stories, pieced together through recent research by museum staff, unfold against the dramatic backdrop of the tumultuous 20th century with its revolutions, world wars, and political upheaval. The exhibition charts the artifacts’ circuitous journeys, mirroring the complex life path (and, at times, tragic fate) of the objects’ owners.

The exhibition also offers insight into the research process and the thrill of discovery. The study of the museum’s collection is ever fascinating and never complete. While many of the displayed objects are new acquisitions whose story is unveiled here for the first time, Mysteries and Odysseys also presents the latest findings on artifacts that have been in the collection for decades. Although some mysteries have been solved, others continue to baffle. We hope that you will participate in the process of investigation and learning by sharing your thoughts and hypotheses.

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Michael Perekrestov, curator of the exhibition and the Russian History Museum’s executive director, presents several highlights of the exhibition. Unfolding against the dramatic backdrop of the tumultuous 20th century, the stories in this presentation feature a varied cast of characters, from Nicholas II to Walt Disney, from an American heiress to a stuffed toy monkey.