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Picturing Russia’s Peoples

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Like all empires, the Russian Empire featured a great diversity of ethnicities, languages, and religions.  The idea of Russia as an Orthodox nation of Slavs took root in the 19th century, in direct opposition to the fact that by the end of the 19th century the majority of the Slavic population lived in European Russia.

More than 100 distinctly different ethnic groups lived within the Russian Empire, with ethnic Russians composing a minority of only about 45% of the population. Nineteenth century Russia’s Romanticist appreciation of the natural world and the exotic saw a thriving new ethnography which had multiple manifestations in material culture.

  • How did material culture reflect this new ethnography?
  • What were some artistic representations of Nineteenth century Russia?
  • What objects in our collection tie in to this study?

Join Executive Director Michael Perekrestov and Curator Nick Nicholson as they explore several objects from the Museum’s collections focusing on Imperial Russia’s ethnic peoples and diverse cultures! Books, porcelain, presentation objects, and photography all support this next livestream.


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