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Unlocking Baron Mestmacher’s Fabergé Coffer

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Among our museum’s most striking pieces is a silver presentation box by the firm of Fabergé, decorated with Egyptian figures, enameled coats of arms, and an engraved dedication to Baron Mestmacher.

  • What’s the story behind this coffer?
  • Who was Baron Mestmacher and why did he receive this lavish gift?
  • What does this object tell us about Fabergé’s creations?

Join this livestream discussion by Executive Director Michael Perekrestov and Curator Nick Nicholson to find out more about this silver masterpiece by the house of Fabergé. The coffer is currently undergoing conservation, resulting in new discoveries about techniques, construction, and design processes of the Fabergé firm.



  • Go to our YouTube channel and click the Live video at 12:30 PM Eastern on April 22.
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