Bringing Artifacts Back to Life

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We need your support to preserve the remarkable objects in our Museum!

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This portrait of Emperor Nicholas I after Franz Krüger (1797–1857) was professionally conserved, removing soiling on the painting’s surface, repairing damage to the paint layer, and stabilizing the canvas. 

Stories of Survival

So many of our artifacts have traveled thousands of miles before finding a home at the Russian History Museum.

Russian refugees, repeatedly displaced by revolution and war throughout the 20th century, lovingly preserved these artifacts for years. It’s nothing short of a miracle that they survived bombings, confiscations, evacuations, and transoceanic crossings.

Unsurprisingly, many artifacts are in poor condition.

Now, they require special care for their preservation and conservation.

Reviving History

Every object, painstakingly collected over the course of decades, tells a gripping story. However, due to their pitiful condition, many of these objects cannot be safely displayed in our exhibitions.

We’re constantly working with professional conservators to bring these treasures back to life, and to share them with you through exhibitions.

You can ensure their preservation by donating to our Spring Appeal!

Every dollar goes towards much-needed care of our collection and professional conservation of museum artifacts.

Thanks to the incredible work of conservators, this book is displayed to the public for the first time in “Revealing the Divine: Treasures of Russian Sacred Art.” This sumptuous volume on the history of St. Isaac’s Cathedral was likely a presentation copy for Alexander III.

Inspiring Future Generations

You can give the gift of inspiration and delight to museum visitors. Your contribution allows us to finally bring these one-of-a-kind materials out of museum storage for all to enjoy and appreciate.

Thanks to your donations, we can share the remarkable stories these objects tell.

Your support is critical to the care of these unique treasures and ensures an unforgettable museum experience for generations to come.

Before and after conservation of a fragile and precious book – Grand Duchess Maria’s personal copy of Daudet’s “Lettres de Mon Moulin” with an inscription from Empress Alexandra reading “From Papa and Mama” on Maria’s name day in 1915.

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