On Thursday, July 29, the Russian History Museum hosted an exclusive Collecting Stories  conversation between curator Nick Nicholson and Captain Peter Sarandinaki, President of the SEARCH Foundation. We are pleased to present a glimpse into this fascinating conversation for you to watch.

Throughout this program, Nick and Captain Sarandinaki discussed the ongoing investigation into identifying remains of the Imperial family.

Captain Sarandinaki began by detailing his family’s history and ties to the Sokolov investigation and its findings (including the famed “Sokolov Box”). From there, Nick led the conversation into Captain Sarandinaki’s decade-spanning search efforts, detailing scientific and DNA evidence from digs and objects from the Russian History Museum’s collection that provided additional insight into the investigation.

The conversation concluded with a discussion of the SEARCH Foundation’s current efforts in Perm to find the remains of Grand Duke Michael, as well as predictions for the forthcoming Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia on the Committee meeting in November.

Thank you to Captain Peter Sarandinaki for joining us and to all audience members who attended the live event!