On April 22nd, the Russian History Museum’s Executive Director Michael Perekrestov and Curator Nick Nicholson presented this inaugural livestream event.

Their discussion was centered around a striking silver presentation box by the firm of Fabergé, decorated with Egyptian figures, enameled coats of arms, and an engraved dedication to Baron Pavel Pavlovich Mestmacher. Ultimately, this livestream chat considered the coffer’s provenance and conservation alongside a substantive study of Russian heraldry, Baron Mestmacher, the Fabergé firm, and Egyptian inspired art. Throughout the program’s course, audience members interacted with Michael, Nick, and the artifact in a back-and forth style question and answer discussion.

Thanks to Nikolai Bachmakov and BNNS Co., Inc. for their amazing work in the conservation of this artifact.

This program is funded in part by a Humanities New York CARES Grant with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the federal CARES Act.